5 Essential Construction Books

5 Essential Construction Books Well Worth Checking Out

“Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials & Methods, 6th Ed.”

This book is a bestseller that works as a fantastic reference for basics of building construction, the materials and essential methods in particular. With a focus on common styles of construction like masonry bearing walls, light wood frames, reinforced concrete construction, and steel frames, the new 6th edition of the book contains a wealth of updated material info. All of the latest requirements, standards, and growing trends are covered, whether its sustainability or pre-engineered components. There is also an expansive array of case studies, updated photos, and intricate axonometric detail drawings for those that are visual learners.


“Project Management For Engineering & Construction”

“Project Management For Engineering & Construction” is now in its third edition. This marks a fantastic resource for anyone in the world of civil engineering and the construction industry at large. An update is much welcome since the 2nd iteration is now over 15 years old. The same intent to help its readers bolster the success of their project management is in full effect however. The new edition also provides helpful PM principles, as well as techniques that can be applied at the onset of the concept phase. You will also learn how to see a particular project through to the end with the greatest efficiency. There’s even a must-read new chapter dealing with risk management.


“Management Of Construction Projects”

Proper construction management is something of a fine art. There are a lot of demands that must be met. With a disciplined team and the right materials and planning in place however, a building project can be finalized with only the best of results, and this text gives great insight on how to get there. If you are working for a company that does Melbourne crane hire this book would be perfect for you.

“Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book – Eurocodes, 3rd Ed.”

Now overhauled completely, the already excellent “Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book” also has a revised edition available. The book is about as comprehensive as can be in terms of details on structural engineering. It should be especially interesting to anyone about to take an IStructE Part 3 test. All you need to know about basic materials and basic rules of thumb is laid out, and even on site engineers that have already been in the game for some time will likely find it a worthwhile read.

“Civil Engineer’s Handbook of Professional Practice”

This is an essential guide for anyone looking for hands-on experiences with civil engineering.

It’s now largely understood that civil engineers have to develop and expand their expertise of traditional practices. They must have a firm grasp on where all of the technological and scientific advancements are heading. A firm business sense is also essential. As described by the ASCE’s “Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge for the 21st Century”, the essentials of civil engineering lie within excellent project management, ethics, communication, leadership, and teamwork. The guide in question here uses the skills taught by the ASCE and provides readers with everything they need to bolster them. You will be given a deeper understanding of the management and business aspects of the job in particular, areas that are often ignored when focused on pure technical skills alone.

5 Awesome Environmental Books

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

This book is about love, work and mountains that you can move whenever those two things are combined. It is told through the remarkable stories of Jahren’s: about her life in rural Minnesota as a child with a mother who was uncompromising and a father who encouraged her to play for hours in his classroom lab. It is a story of how science became a sanctuary for her and how she learned to do lab work with both her hands and heart, along with not only the inevitable disappointments, but the exhilarating discoveries and triumphs that scientific work bring.

Lab Girl

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

The outcry following the publication of this book forced DDT to be banned and was a catalyst for revolutionary changes within the laws that affect our water, land and air. The passionate concern that Carson had for our planet’s future reverberated throughout the world in a very powerful and profound way. This eloquent book was very instrument in the development of the environmental movement. It is definitely one of the twentieth century’s landmark books.

A completely radical, intimate and lyrical look at the life of humans and animals mixes memoir and nature writing, along with psychology and neuroscience, to cross over the boundaries that separate the species. It represents an incredible journey that is full of surprises and thrills, joy and humor. Ultimately, it is an exploration int our human experience within our world, which is carried out through exploring the entire range of life surrounding us.

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert

During the past half billion years, five mass extinctions have taken place, when the diversity of life here on earth dramatically and suddenly contracted. Scientists from all over the world are presently monitoring the earth’s sixth extinction, which is projected to be the most devastating of all extinction events to have taken place since the dinosaurs were wiped out by the asteroid. We are the cataclysm this time around.

The Life and Love of Trees by Lewis Blackwell

Without trees we wouldn’t even exist. Not only are they vital, throughout our history they have served as an inspiration as well. Blackwell takes us on a fascinating journey through his stories and breathtaking photos. Trees are certainly a miracle of nature and one of the reasons humans can live on planet Earth. A friend of mine who works for an Adelaide tree removal company actually introduced me to this book.

Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World by Bill Nye

Bill Nye expands and crystallizes on the message that he is so beloved and well known for in this book. His message is that through a combination of scientific curiosity and optimism, obstacles all turn into opportunities, and the possibilities become limitless within our world. With an engineer’s vision of what is possible a scientist’s insatiable thirst for knowledge, Bill Nye sees our current environmental problems as not something that is depressing and insurmountable, but as an opportunity for our society to rise up to this challenge and create a world that is smarter, healthier and cleaner.

5 Must Read Books 2016

Here’s a list of 5 Books to put on your must-read list for the Summer of 2016

1) The Bricks That Built The Houses

Kate Tempest

Any book with a neon pink cover is going to attract attention, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint when you open it up. A trio of twenty-something Londoners hit the road with a stolen suitcase full of cash, and the narrative flows backward into their lives to reveal how they got in such a precarious state. Covering challenges from dead-end jobs to drug deals gone wrong, the stories of Beacky, Harry, and Leon will resonate with any reader who knows how hard it is to deal with loss. Tempest’s skills as a poet are on full display in this novel’s brilliantly toned language.


2) Keep You Close

Lucie Whitehouse

Rowan Winter has a dead friend who may not have passed away as accidentally as people say she did. It’s up to Rowan to uncover the truth about both Marianne’s death and her life in this twisty, thrilling mystery story.

3) The Assistants

Camille Perri

Every had a boss who made you shudder? You’ll certainly sympathize with Tina, a beleaguered young woman slaving for a media tycoon. An almost-innocent plan to use company money to repay her student loan debts spirals out of control, leaving her responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen money. Featuring a novel look at the gulf between haves and have-nots, this book takes a lighthearted look at corporate America that includes an unexpected romance and a surprising sense of camaraderie.

4) The Atomic Weight Of Love


This vast historical saga stretches all the way from World War II up into the 1970s. It tells the tale of Meridian, an independent and inquisitive ornithologist who decides to put her love for a man ahead of her career. When her decision to follow her man brings her to the New Mexico desert and the Manhattan Project, she takes a longer look at just what a person can sacrifice for love.

5) Not Working

Lisa Owens

According to many readers, this novel just might be a worthy successor to Bridget Jones’ Diary. Clair gives up an unfulfilling corporate job so that she can pursue her passion. The only challenge is that she needs to find out exactly what that is first! Claire’s explorations of her interests and her self are the notes in a song of self-discovery. The tune taken as a whole is delightful, amusing, and definitely charming.

10 Must-read Interior Design Books

Below is a list of my favourite interior design books, in no particular order:

1 – The Big Book of Chic

Written by Miles Redd and published by Assouline, this gives great insight into the perspective of the New York-based designer’s bold colour choices and daring use of antiques. You’ll get a great appreciation for applying a bit of your own quirkiness to your design here as well.

2 – Celebrate A Year Of Festivities For Families & Friends

This Viking Adult book from Pippa Middleton (yes, Prince Charles’ sister in-law!) shows off all you need to know about throwing memorable events, complete with recipes and decorating tips that will save just about any party you can imagine.

3 – Simple Pleasures

Published by Weinstein Books, Cornelia Guest showcases the beauty of simplicity without pretension.

4 – A Visual Life: Scrapbooks, Collages, & Inspirations

Rizzoli worked with iconic New York designer Charlotte Moss on this celebration of practical yet luxurious designs that inspire feelings of warmth and hospitality.

5 – Timeless Interiors

Writing for Smith, Gibbs Publisher, in this book, Kathryn M. Ireland explores Bohemian chic as well as lively patterns such as ikat, madras, and paisley.

6 – Cohler On Design

For The Monacelli Press, Eric Cohler shows off how to mix high and low end pieces, as well as capturing the unique personality of a particular client. This is full of valuable advice on actually working with others and bringing ideas into fruition.


7 – Ann Getty: Interior Style

Again for Rizzoli, this is Diane Dorrans Saeks’ inside view of the intricate and ever influential design work of Ann Getty. Those chasing the highest level of craftsmanship should be sure to give this a read.

8 – La Formentera

Published by Monacelli Press and written by Juan Montoya, this is a great look into rustic house design that utilizes the likes of stone and wood.

9 – Interior Design & Inspiration

teNeues published this book from Lars Bolander that delves into all the insight you would expect from the exceedingly passionate Swedish designer.

10 – American Beauty

Written by Thom Felicia and published by Random House, Inc., this is all about renovation. Complete with a foreword by popular comedian Tina Fey, you can see how even the most weathered house can be turned around something idyllically beautiful.

In today’s online world  there is a tendency to steer clear of a nice hardcover. But you’re missing out on a wealth of information and well-though design concepts.

9 Books to Read Before You Die

Books are truly amazing. Imagination, wisdom, entertainment and information all wrapped up into one nice package of pages, or as the case may be, electronic file.

However, there are so many of them. There are actually millions. So the big question is, “what are the books that you must read,” particularly in the first half of life when you are attempting so diligently to do so much and wanting to know all that life can offer you. I will start out by stating that so many books could have easily made it onto my list. However, I assume that like me, you read many of them in school. However, it may still be worth reading through some of those classic once again.

The following is my list of books that you really must read before you die:

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Hopefully I don’t need to explain why this particular book is so very important. Most likely you read it in school, but you should read it again. It very well might be the ultimate book when it comes to the power of strength and hope in the middle of atrocities that truly are unspeakable. It serves as a reminder that we can never let the evil in this world defeat us.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

Rape, racism, poverty. Coming of age amid all of that. It is both empowering and heartbreaking in way that only Maya can pull off.

Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give and Receive Joy Everyday of Your Life by M.J. Ryan

In this book Ryan demonstrates that whenever we allow ourselves to express and feel appreciation, it makes us feel healthier, younger and happier. A powerful feeling of happiness is created by gratitude whenever we notice what is right about something rather than what it wrong. This teaches us how to unlock all of life’s fullness.


To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This is another book that you might have read in school. However, it is definitely worth reading again, and this time through your adult eyes. It’s about having the courage to do the right thing.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

This book has a simple message: the path to both enlightenment and happiness is living in the now. This is a great manual on how our emotions and thoughts get in our way of being able to live in genuine happiness and peace.

Below is a video of Eckhart Tolle explaining the divine purpose of the universe:

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

This book is based on Frankl’s experiences in the Nazi death camps. He argues that we can’t avoid suffering. However, what we can do is make the choice of how we cope and find meaning with it, and then with renewed purpose move forward.

Now, Discover Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton

Most of us unfortunately send much of our lives attempting to overcome our weaknesses rather than developing our strengths, when actually the truth is that it is our strengths that will make us professionally and personally successful.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Sooner or later, all of us consider our deaths and think about what matters the most. If we only know it was our final opportunity, think of all of the wisdom we could leave to the world. This lecture was given by computer science professor Randy Pausch, who was diagnosed recently with a terminal illness. It expresses the importance of seizing very moment, enabling others dreams and how important it is to overcome obstacles.

The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz

This book shows how the key to life balance, happiness, health and performance is learning how to manage our energy instead of time. The major insight here can give us the power to completely revolutionize our lives.

If you are one of the numerous people who don’t read on a regular basis, then you could be really missing out. There are a number of significant benefits that reading can provide you with. We have listed some of the more important benefits below in the article: 10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day.