5 Must Read Books 2016

Here’s a list of 5 Books to put on your must-read list for the Summer of 2016

1) The Bricks That Built The Houses

Kate Tempest

Any book with a neon pink cover is going to attract attention, and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint when you open it up. A trio of twenty-something Londoners hit the road with a stolen suitcase full of cash, and the narrative flows backward into their lives to reveal how they got in such a precarious state. Covering challenges from dead-end jobs to drug deals gone wrong, the stories of Beacky, Harry, and Leon will resonate with any reader who knows how hard it is to deal with loss. Tempest’s skills as a poet are on full display in this novel’s brilliantly toned language.


2) Keep You Close

Lucie Whitehouse

Rowan Winter has a dead friend who may not have passed away as accidentally as people say she did. It’s up to Rowan to uncover the truth about both Marianne’s death and her life in this twisty, thrilling mystery story.

3) The Assistants

Camille Perri

Every had a boss who made you shudder? You’ll certainly sympathize with Tina, a beleaguered young woman slaving for a media tycoon. An almost-innocent plan to use company money to repay her student loan debts spirals out of control, leaving her responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen money. Featuring a novel look at the gulf between haves and have-nots, this book takes a lighthearted look at corporate America that includes an unexpected romance and a surprising sense of camaraderie.

4) The Atomic Weight Of Love


This vast historical saga stretches all the way from World War II up into the 1970s. It tells the tale of Meridian, an independent and inquisitive ornithologist who decides to put her love for a man ahead of her career. When her decision to follow her man brings her to the New Mexico desert and the Manhattan Project, she takes a longer look at just what a person can sacrifice for love.

5) Not Working

Lisa Owens

According to many readers, this novel just might be a worthy successor to Bridget Jones’ Diary. Clair gives up an unfulfilling corporate job so that she can pursue her passion. The only challenge is that she needs to find out exactly what that is first! Claire’s explorations of her interests and her self are the notes in a song of self-discovery. The tune taken as a whole is delightful, amusing, and definitely charming.