5 Essential Construction Books

5 Essential Construction Books Well Worth Checking Out

“Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials & Methods, 6th Ed.”

This book is a bestseller that works as a fantastic reference for basics of building construction, the materials and essential methods in particular. With a focus on common styles of construction like masonry bearing walls, light wood frames, reinforced concrete construction, and steel frames, the new 6th edition of the book contains a wealth of updated material info. All of the latest requirements, standards, and growing trends are covered, whether its sustainability or pre-engineered components. There is also an expansive array of case studies, updated photos, and intricate axonometric detail drawings for those that are visual learners.


“Project Management For Engineering & Construction”

“Project Management For Engineering & Construction” is now in its third edition. This marks a fantastic resource for anyone in the world of civil engineering and the construction industry at large. An update is much welcome since the 2nd iteration is now over 15 years old. The same intent to help its readers bolster the success of their project management is in full effect however. The new edition also provides helpful PM principles, as well as techniques that can be applied at the onset of the concept phase. You will also learn how to see a particular project through to the end with the greatest efficiency. There’s even a must-read new chapter dealing with risk management.


“Management Of Construction Projects”

Proper construction management is something of a fine art. There are a lot of demands that must be met. With a disciplined team and the right materials and planning in place however, a building project can be finalized with only the best of results, and this text gives great insight on how to get there. If you are working for a company that does Melbourne crane hire this book would be perfect for you.

“Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book – Eurocodes, 3rd Ed.”

Now overhauled completely, the already excellent “Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book” also has a revised edition available. The book is about as comprehensive as can be in terms of details on structural engineering. It should be especially interesting to anyone about to take an IStructE Part 3 test. All you need to know about basic materials and basic rules of thumb is laid out, and even on site engineers that have already been in the game for some time will likely find it a worthwhile read.

“Civil Engineer’s Handbook of Professional Practice”

This is an essential guide for anyone looking for hands-on experiences with civil engineering.

It’s now largely understood that civil engineers have to develop and expand their expertise of traditional practices. They must have a firm grasp on where all of the technological and scientific advancements are heading. A firm business sense is also essential. As described by the ASCE’s “Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge for the 21st Century”, the essentials of civil engineering lie within excellent project management, ethics, communication, leadership, and teamwork. The guide in question here uses the skills taught by the ASCE and provides readers with everything they need to bolster them. You will be given a deeper understanding of the management and business aspects of the job in particular, areas that are often ignored when focused on pure technical skills alone.